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12 Best Blogging Tools to Help You Write Better

The secret to blogging success is learning how to grab people’s attention with the first chance you get. It’s not only about writing fantastic articles but also about getting...

7 Most Popular WordPress Misconceptions You Must Know About

The undisputed leader, WordPress is definitely your best bet if you want to set up a new website. Now that it is used to run more websites than any other CMS, WP...
WordPress Blogging

How to Install WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide

If there’s one platform that is the most well known for blogs and websites it has to be WordPress. It’s no wonder then that WordPress powers around 30% of all websites. (including...
Network Connectivity

Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Hosting

Not every company can afford to spend thousands of dollars on server infrastructure. The growing demand for affordable and scalable hosting and data storage services from both SMEs and international enterprises is...
WordPress Blogging

13 Useful Tools to Boost Productivity as a WordPress Web Designer

Web design is a very multifaceted area. Creating websites requires super effectiveness, efficiency, and beauty. Therefore, certain tools have to be employed to increase the output per hour and the level of...
WordPress Plugins

20 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2019

A strong social media presence can substantially increase your blogging reach while using WordPress. Here are 10 social media-centric plugins to enhance your WordPress blog. Best Social Media Plugins...

6 Best Amazon WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

If you are running Amazon Niche site(s) then you already know that WordPress is one of the best platforms to go for. WordPress interface and manageability makes it so much easier to maintain a...

GDPR Guide: What is GDPR, Checklist, How to Comply & WordPress?

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and this is not a legal advice. For sure, we have tried to make it as accurate as possible and also as easy as possible for you to understand....
Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

As you are reading this post and so you are either a WordPress user or while accessing the WordPress website, you have encountered this 502 bad gateway error. No matter what the reason behind...
Best WordPress Blog Themes

10 Best WordPress Blog Themes for 2019

Today there are hundreds if not thousands of WordPress themes to choose from which comes with a variety of designs with plenty of features, but which ones stand out from the crowd...
WordPress Plugins

9 Best Premium WordPress Plugins Worth Their Money

In the beginning, all of us think that free plugins will work out for you because there are millions of plugins available out there. But if you are running a professional blog...

Display Last Updated Date in Newspaper WordPress Theme

There are lots of tutorials available on how to display last updated/modified date in WordPress. These are basically general tutorials which you can apply to several themes. However, there are some themes in which...
Buy Web Hosting with a Domain Name for WordPress Blog

How to Buy Web Hosting with a Domain Name for WordPress Blog

Welcome to the very first video tutorial of WordPress for Beginners. In this post, we are going to learn how to buy web hosting with a domain name for WordPress blog. So let's start...
Create WordPress Blog

How to Create WordPress Blog on BlueHost in 5 Minutes

In the previous tutorial, we have seen how to buy domain name and web-hosting. This post will guide you to create WordPress blog within 5 minutes. There are many web-hosting available over the internet and...
Wordpress Optimizations

How to Optimize Performance & PageSpeed Score of a WordPress Blog

Hello Friends, Here is the most asked question across bloggers about WordPress Optimizations. Here we will do it with one plugin named "W3 Total Cache" which is already famous among bloggers and CloudFlare which is known...

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