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No Hate

How to Handle Criticism on Your Blog? | Dealing with the Haters

If you have your own blog that has comments enabled, then you're probably no stranger to criticism. We all know that it's preferred to receive good comments, but there are certainly practical...
SSL Protected

6 Best SSL Certificate Providers That You Can Trust in 2019

The internet is vast. There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet and so are the computers connected to them. If a connection between devices on the internet is not...
WordPress Blogging

12 Best Blogging Tools to Help You Write Better

The secret to blogging success is learning how to grab people’s attention with the first chance you get. It’s not only about writing fantastic articles but also about getting...
Focused Collection Size Collection

Focused Collection Review: Best Site to Download Royalty-Free Images?

Depositphotos, one of the leading stock photography agencies in a joint collaboration with other foremost companies like 500px, Image Source, Stockfood, MintImages, Westend61, etc.  released the Focused Collection in February 2018. This offspring...

How to Create a Strong Brand Identity Through Writing

The power of branding cannot be argued. In today’s business marketplace, the biggest difference between average and successful businesses is defined by the brand identity of each “player” that competes.

Netflix Affiliate Program & Its Alternatives

Affiliate marketing has become one of the top ways for earning an income online. Used by bloggers and online marketers, this source of passive income works by suggesting services and products. The...

How to Make Your Blog Your Main Source of Income

As the age of technology continues to take a toll on the way people live, communicate and even run their businesses, you would agree that the internet is perhaps the best thing...
Successful Blog Ahead

12 Things to Do Before You Launch Your Blog

Launching a blog is probably one of the most accessible things for today’s generation of fresh professionals and graduates, but not only. Nowadays, the digital environment allows every individual...

8 Ways to Build an Audience for Your Blog in 2019

Any content marketer has the task to constantly expand the audience, increasing the number of its representatives. The first thing you need to tend to in order to solve this problem is,...
Website Builder

7 Best Website Builder Apps for Android

Over the years, mobile application technology has grown beyond the imagination, all credit goes to the growing number of mobile internet users. According to a study conducted by Statista, global mobile data traffic...
WordPress Blogging

7 Tips For Students On How to Learn Blogging Skills in 2019

A skill is defined as an ability to do something expertly. However, mastering a skill requires one to have a lot of patience and perseverance. You should also be prepared to make...
Online Shopping

11 Easiest Ways to Build your Online Store in 2019

Thinking of starting a business this 2019? The possibilities will be endless, each with a promise of profitability. However, one of the best ideas is to build an online store. In this...
Tech Arrival Pingdom Uptime

11 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hosting Provider

Strong online presence is important for every company. It is very important to choose the right platform to host your website. A little research is good enough to find out which hosting...
Network Connectivity

Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Hosting

Not every company can afford to spend thousands of dollars on server infrastructure. The growing demand for affordable and scalable hosting and data storage services from both SMEs and international enterprises is...

How to Find a Perfect Name for Your Business

After forming a perfect business plan, searching for a name can be daunting and frustrating. Not only you have to choose from a couple of selections, but there are also various factors...

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