WordPress Plugins

How to Mass Change/Update Old URLs in WordPress Database after Migration

If you have transferred your WordPress site to new URL you will have to replace all URLs and link all the media files to new URL again in order to keep your blog functioning...
CloudFlare Flexible SSL Guide for WordPress

CloudFlare Flexible SSL Guide for WordPress

CloudFlare recently launched Universal SSL so that every user can have an SSL certificate on their website for free. One must take benefit from it. Not only it will give additional security but according to...

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog Quickly

One can interact with others via a comment on a blog. It's a sign that your blog is growing and attracting more visitors. When a new visitor visits your blog, lots of comments shows...
Guest Post Plugins For WordPress

7 Useful Guest Post Plugins for WordPress Blog

I have seen many blogs and websites which allow guest posting. Most of them are using WordPress platform. Many of them allow the guest posting via email, but the post that is given in...
Auto Share WordPress Articles

Auto Share WordPress Articles To Various Social Networks

After publishing a post to a WordPress blog we often used to share it on social networks manually to get traffic from social media. But it is quite hard if we are...
Download Subscription Box Like ShoutMeLoud

Download Subscription Box Like ShoutMeLoud

Hello Friends, In this post, I am going to tell you about how to get a subscription box like ShoutMeLoud which is used by them for a long time. It is a great subscription...
Remove Date From Google Search Result

How To Remove Date From Google Search Result

As most of us know that Google can read anything which is written in plain text. Same goes for the date. The date may be useful to our readers but when we are doing...
Speed Up a Website

Speed Up a Website Within Few Minutes Using Free CDN

Loading time of a website or a blog plays a significant role in the user experience. If your site is blazing fast and has less loading time, then for sure user will like it....
WordPress Plugins

Best Free WordPress Plugins that You Must Use in 2019

Hello Friends, Now I am here for the tutorial on best free WordPress plugin for SEO which will give a boost to traffic by various search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

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