Best 3D Printing apps for Android

7 Best 3D Printing apps for Android in 2019

Nowadays 3D technology is one of the popular technology. The 3D technology converts the virtual 3D model into real context. From last few months, many manufacturers managed to produces and release more numbers of...
Pokemon Go

7 Amazing Games Like Pokemon Go You Should Install & Play

Pokemon Go has been trending among the gamers & Pokemon lovers over the last year. And with a zero competition in the gaming market, players happily accepted the new free to play location-based gameplay...
Best Media Player Applications for Android

7 Best Media Player Apps for Android You Need to Try

It doesn’t take long for Android users to realize that the stock gallery app is pretty incompetent. Is there an option though? Turns out there is. There are several, in fact. Media Player apps are among...
Best Spy Apps for Android

3 Best Spy Apps for Android Device in 2019

We all love investing in apps that offer more features for limited prices. Business owners usually want options that minimize cost and increase productivity or profits etc. Hence, it is necessary to use a...
Best Travel Apps for Android

9 Best Travel Apps for Android You Must Have in 2019

Many people these days have an Android device whether it is a tablet or a smartphone. The wide range of apps available for these devices means that you can make the most of your...
Best Woodworking Apps

10 Best Must Have Woodworking Apps for Woodworkers

With the advent of technology, there are so many apps that have been launched to support different professions. From computer geeks to stay at home moms, the technological appeal can be felt everywhere, and...
Best To-Do List & Task List Apps for Android

10 Best To-Do List & Task List Apps for Android in 2019

Staying organized has been one of the toughest things of all time. The human mind has this tendency to forget things, and if that forgetting is hitting hard on your productivity, then you must...
Best Online Multiplayer Games for

Best Online Multiplayer Games for your Android Device

Gaming on Android devices is getting better every day. Also, there are tons of apps available on the Google Play Store that supports online gaming with multiplayer support. You get to play with people...
Google Play Store

17 Best Apps for Android Every Geek Must Have in 2019

Google Play Store consists of lots of apps. Some of them are splendid and quite useful, and most of them are of low quality. So we had taken out an objective to...
Android Pirate

16 Best Android Apps Not on Google Play Store of 2019

You may have read many articles and videos listing out the best apps that are available for Android. However, most of the listed apps are on the Play Store. So we've decided to do...
Best VR and Google Cardboard Apps

10 Best VR and Google Cardboard Apps for Android & iOS

Virtual Reality is starting to become big news in the market. Additionally, after the announcement of Google Cardboard, it is quite affordable to experience Virtual Reality at a very cheap cost. You can find many...
Turn Your Old Android Phone Into Wireless Security Camera

How to Turn Your Old Android Phone Into Wireless Security Camera

Recently I bought Moto X Style as my daily driver. As I was previously using Micromax A116, I wondered if I can put it to some use because as you know, an old Android...
Best Restaurant Finding Apps

9 Best Dining and Restaurant Finding Apps You Should Check Out

Most of the couples argue while choosing where to eat. Both the partners ask each other to decide the place to eat. In order to solve this problem, here is a list of apps...
Best Music Apps

7 Best Music Apps for Android and iPhone

There are millions of music Apps available for Android and iPhone. In case you are looking for the few best apps, then here is a list of 7 top music apps for Android and...
Best Android Selfie Apps

6 Best Android Selfie Apps

The trend of taking selfies is getting quite common nowadays. Here are the best 6 Android selfie apps that would make you look even more beautiful. 1. FaceTune By using this app, you can easily retouch...

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