Boost Performance of Android Device


I am sure that you have already read many tutorials and articles to boost performance of android device. So the first question which may arise in your head is that why I have to read this? The simple answer to your question is that this is an advanced tutorial which I hope you will find helpful and interesting. By following this tutorial you will surely receive a huge boost in performance of your android device. So let’s discuss how to do so :

Boost Performance of Android Device

Here we are going to boost performance of android tutorial by use and combination of some apps.

1. Uninstall apps that you don’t use at all

Every app you install on your android device, it occupies some space and also may run any background process. This can degrade performance of android device. So it is better to uninstall apps that you don’t use at all or any unnecessary apps.

2. Hibernate the apps that you don’t want to run in background

You may have heard about Greenify. This is a great app which have following features :

  • It can hibernate the desired apps so that they don’t keep running in background. This will ensure the low CPU & RAM usage.
  • When you have to open any hibernated app it is not required to remove it from hibernation mode. It will become active instantly.
  • After you close any app, if you have auto hibernation mode enabled then it will automatically hibernate that app.
  • This app also works on non-rooted phones but I will recommend you to use it with rooted android device to ensure large performance boost.
  • If you have rooted android device, you can download Xposed Installer and then enable boost mode in Greenify.

Download Greenify from Google Play

3. Update your phone & apps regularly

Updates plays an very important role in performance. Updates usually comes with bug fixes & new features. So we suggest you to update regularly.

4. Use High-Speed Memory Card

If you are having android device with low internal storage and you do have to use external memory card. Then go for Class 10 memory card if you are expecting good performance.

5. Avoid Live Wallpapers

Keeping live wallpapers consumes lot of CPU resource which can reduce performance. Therefore it is recommended to use static wallpaper.

6. Check whether you have enough empty internal storage or not

It is recommended to have enough free space on internal storage so that system can occupy that space whenever necessary. If you are not having enough space on internal storage then move your data and apps to memory card or external storage. We will recommend you to keep 500 MB + free in internal storage.

7. Don’t clear System cache and Thumbnails cache very frequently

You may find this weird but yes it is true. When you clear your system cache, android system needs to create cache again and this can degrade performance. Similarly thumbnail cache is necessary when you open your gallery preview will  be faster. If you clear thumbnail cache it will cause lagginess first time in gallery.

8. Don’t clear your device RAM frequently and don’t use any auto app killer

Just as above point, this is also an uncommon point but this is in fact true. When you clear out RAM using some app, after some time it will auto start again and will consume resource in order to start again. Same is in case with auto app killer. Instead of this you can follow 2nd step given above.

9. Switch to ART Runtime instead of Dalvik Runtime

There are lot of performance improvement coming up in Android L. Biggest change in Android L is that Google Now moved from Dalvik Runtime to Newer Runtime called ART Runtime. If you are running Android 4.4 KitKat you can also take advantage of ART Runtime by enabling it. Follow the steps given below to enable it :

  1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options. (In case you does not find developer options in your device, then go to Settings -> About -> Tap on build number many times. A popup will show that you are now a developer.)
  2. Click select Runtime and then select Use ART.
  3. Now reboot your device. You will experience a huge performance improvement on your device.

10. Set CPU clock speed to maximum

Warning : This will drain your battery faster.

Android system normally have auto clock speed of CPU as per the requirement. You can change it from auto to maximum if you have root access. Follow the procedure given below :

  1. Download and install AnTuTu CPU Master from Play Store.
  2. Set Min & Max bar to the maximum possible value.
  3. Click Apply.

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  1. I have Sony Xperia C. Internal memory is just 0.98 GB only out of which almost 700 Mb used by Apps.

    Due to less memory I can’t use Facebook app since it requires good amount of memory which I don’t have.

    How can I improve performance. please help

    • Hello Jimi, you can move your apps from internal memory to memory card. Not also this you can uninstall unnecessary apps that you don’t use at all.

  2. Mehul, I have already moved all movable apps to SD card but even internal memory is exhausted.

    Can you guide me what to do now. I am very tired due to low memory problem.

    Give me some way out please.

    • Hello Jimi, that’s what I am saying uninstall the apps that are occupying internal memory. If this doesn’t solve your problem then reset your phone. This will remove all crap from your phone. But do backup important data before resetting.

  3. Thanks Mehul for your valuable suggestion..

    Further can I set SD memory as primary memory so that all problem of low memory get resolved. ??

    Please share if you have some idea..


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