7 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make


Being a blogger is not a onetime task, you have to be consistent in writing useful contents to your target audience. In the process of doing this, bloggers tend to make mistakes which will affect the efforts which they have put in for blogging. Let’s see some of the blogging mistakes most beginner blogger makes, and solution to avoid them.

Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

Blog Post Schedule

When you start blogging, you will have a lot of energy and ideas, in sharing your content. As Scheduleyour blog becomes popular, your target audience needs to know your frequency of your blog post (how to blog and when?). If you are publishing your post infrequently, your readers would be frustrated as they are not aware of the timing of the post.

My advice would be that as a blogger you would have your daily tasks and there are chances that you might slow down in posting the blogs; you have to set a schedule which your readers should be aware and expect for your post.

Connecting with your Audience

If you are writing an article on a specific topic, you would be an expert and explain everything in the article. However, the article should be presented in such a way that they understand the context of the article. The language that you use should not be too complex or too simple. As the complex article would end up losing your target audience and simple articles would make your audience to underestimate your potential.

Connect With Audience

So before publishing your article make sure your content is good to connect with the audience which they are looking for.



These days information is available everywhere, and one way where you can stand apart from these floods of information is with the content you have created. You have to write content which you are good at. For example, if you start writing about cars and you have no idea even how to drive the cars, people would easily make out that your content is not worth it

Great Content

First, start writing about something you are good at or Take some time in understanding the subject and start writing in such a way that it engages your audience.

Pictures in the Content

People who come to read your blog don’t even read 20% of your content. Too much of words will make them bored, and there are more chances of bounce rates in your blog. As the saying goes ‘A picture is worth 1000 words’, start using pictures, charts, gif images, infographics, etc. to keep the target audience engaged.

Pictures Content

A recent survey conducted suggest that readers would only read at max 50% of your content.

Going Social

People who are interested in your content would like to share your content with their friends. So, instead of letting them copy and paste the content to share it; you can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter plugins on your block. This will help them to share, and this, in turn, helps in higher ranking of your page.


Social Media

Include all the social media widgets such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.  Available in your blog. Earlier the search engine ranking was made only based on the backlinks which were directing to your website, but these days social media also plays an important role in ranking your websites, the Search engine also look for the amount of content which has been most liked and shared and based on this rankings go higher.

So while creating an article, come up with an attractive title. This will act like a magnet for users to read the article and then share it on the Social Media.

Responding to Comments

People after reading through your article would like to comment on your article; the comment could be an appreciation for your article or a question that they would have come across while reading the article. The worst thing that you could do is that ignoring the comments.


Replying to comments is a way of engaging your target audience, and thereby they become loyal to your blog, in this way you can retain the users visiting your blog.

Answering to the comments also helps in spreading the message through Social Media, which helps in popularizing the blog.

Based on the comments you get more ideas from the questions they ask. This will help you in creating more ideas for articles.

Using Analytics

Being a blogger, finding where your target audience comes from is important, whether they are coming from Search, Social, Reference site, etc., this will help you to focus more on that particular channel to drive more traffic.

Google Analytics

Do install Google Analytics for your blog. And you can check the number of page views, the source of traffic, bounce rates on your pages, etc.

Based on the analytics report you can modify your blog to make it better.

So these were the biggest common mistakes that someone tends to make while starting their blogging journey. We are sure that you will keep these things in mind and will shine in the blogging world.

If you have any doubts or have any suggestions for us, then do inform us using the comment section below.