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Review of: Vuze

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On November 9, 2013
Last modified:December 7, 2016


Now I am here with a review of the best BitTorrent client for Windows. As we know that there are many advantages of a torrent download than that of a regular download. Torrents provide the best way of download. But now the question arises is which client is the best for downloading via torrent? You are at right place.

Best Bittorrent Client for Windows: Vuze (Azureus)

According to me and my experience, I started using Vuze about four years ago. With comparison to Vuze I have also tested many other BitTorrent clients but I found Vuze to be the best.

Vuze was first launched in June 2003. Since from very long time developers are on it. Vuze also received many awards from most popular websites. Some of the awards are CNet 5 star award, PC-Mag editors choice, PC-Mag best free software, etc.

Now let’s talk about its features

  • Metasearch – Search across various torrents in just one click.
  • Torrent download subscription – You can get the similar type of torrents.
  • Faster torrent downloads.
  • Web remote – Now you have the facility to control Vuze from anywhere across the world via the internet.
  • HD player – Vuze inbuilt HD player allows you to watch 1080p pixel without the need of any extra 3rd-party software.
  • Video converter.

The above-mentioned features are just an overview. Vuze has many many great features inside.

So now what are you waiting for quickly download it click here.

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