Best Weather And Lightning Detection System You Should Get


Every year many lives are lost due to weather and lightning. Both are natural disasters and cannot be intervened by humans. All we can do is take precautionary measure to reduce the damage to the minimum level.

To do that we need technology and probably the best one to provide accurate details of the future weather. So this is why we are writing this article to help you guys get the best weather and lightning detection system.

A few days ago we were stumbling around the web and found out Earth Networks which specializes in creating these type of solutions for industries and home. Actually, there are several systems which act together to produce the most accurate and effective result which we will discuss briefly in this article.

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Best Weather And Lightning Detection System

So, first of all, let’s begin with the first product that Earth Network provides, i.e. Sferic Maps. In a sentence, it is “Collaborative web-based weather dashboard”.

Sferic Maps

Sferic Maps is a web-based dashboard which will help you to see the real-time weather forecast data. This is a severe weather tracker specifically designed for the persons and industries who need to make decisions based on the current/future weather conditions.

Best Weather And Lightning Detection System

The interface is very easy to use and you can also collaborate with stakeholders during ay severe weather conditions. On the map, you can select from many layers to appear and show real-time data like temperature, humidity, heat index, wind chill, radar, national weather service alerts, thunderstorm alerts and much more.

The real-time sharing tool avail you to broadcast the live maps to other colleagues. You can also have your own map layers customized. There are lots of other things that Sferic Maps that we have not mentioned here but you can find it on their official website.

Also if you are not sure whether to buy this service or not then rest assured because there is a completely free 30 days trial available, so you can buy it later if you think that it is worth the price.

Lightning Detection

Now coming towards the lightning sensors and its detection. Earth Networks specified its network as “The world’s most sophisticated lightning detection network”.

Earth Networks Lighning Detection

Here are some of the main features of this system:

  • Accurate warnings in case of dangerous lightning
  • Advanced lightning warning and notifications right to your mobile device
  • Keep people and businesses safe

This system can detect the accurate location of the lightning and then classify into the type to present you the best possible results. They use some kind of proprietary sensor technology which helps them determine the critical weather conditions and lightning.

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In the case of thunderstorm formation, it can deliver you 50% faster thunderstorm alert which is critical in these type of situations and you can prepare for it.

Earth Networks Thunderstorm Alerts

So that was all about the best weather detection and lightning detection system. If you are using any different system then do share your review about that system and which on according to you is better in the comment section below.

Also, if you have any query or doubt then feel free to ask us. We would be glad to help you out in any type of query. Thank you for reading!


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