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Internet security has become one of the major concerns these days. With cyber crimes increasing day by day, there is a need to aware people about the risks of using the internet and promote safe ways to access the internet. Many of you might believe that you are safer on a home network as compared to the public Wi-Fi network, but you are totally wrong. A number of hackers are continuously trying to break through your network security and enter into your network. This will help them to keep an eye over all your data that is being transferred over the network.

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How to prevent these cyber attacks? Is there a way out? Yes, there is! A VPN can turn out to be a powerful solution to prevent the hackers from entering into your network. In fact, a number of companies are using VPNs to protect their network from the prying eyes.

How VPN Works

The Best VPN Provider to Browse Internet Safely

Now, the next big question arises is how to find a reliable VPN provider? No problem! This question will no more trouble you. We have tested one of the best VPN solutions on the internet. BulletVPN is a fabulous VPN provider that can cater all your needs and fulfill all the requirements that are expected from a VPN. Let’s know more about.

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About BulletVPN


This Estonia-based VPN provider has become the world’s favorite in no time. It has emerged as an outstanding VPN solution for the internet users. It lets you browse through the web privately by hiding your original IP. You can even access the geo-restricted content on your device using this VPN network. Most importantly, it is multi-lingual and multi-platform oriented.

Impressive Features of BulletVPN

BulletVPN is the ultimate VPN provider that is packed with plethora of exclusive features. Some of them have been described here:

Large Network of Servers

The servers of BulletVPN have been spread across 22 countries of the world covering nearly every continent except Antarctica. The company is exploring new terrains and has plans to expand in 50 countries by end of this year.

BulletVPN Server Locations

Blazing Fast Servers

You might get demoralized if you find that your VPN sucks in terms of speed. No one will love to work on slow servers. BulletVPN uses high-grade carrier lines to provide speed to its servers. The speed of servers is hardly affected by the encryption protocols.

Browse Geo-Restricted Content

You can stream your favorite videos, movies, audios, or any other clip even if it is restricted in your area. Moreover, the restricted websites can be accessed using a VPN. You will not be traced by your ISP or anyone else while browsing the blocked websites/videos on the web.

Hides your IP

BulletVPN hides your original IP and replaces it with a random IP on its server. You just need to connect to its server and your original IP address will be replaced by a random IP. In this way no one will be able to catch your activities online.

Smart DNS Technology

Xbox One, Xbox 360, Smart TVs, Apple TV, or any other such devices are not compatible with VPN. But BulletVPN’s smart DNS technology makes sure that the restricted videos and apps can easily run on these devices.


It uses top-grade military encryption standards to encrypt your data. The protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv1, and IKEv2 are used to ensure high level of security. Moreover, its strict No-Logs policy lets you browse through the web seamlessly without any fear.

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Multiple Apps

BulletVPN has apps for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Its smart DNS technology ensures that you can access restricted apps and videos on PS3, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and many other devices.

Good Support

BulletVPN provides you quality support. All your queries are answered in minimal time. Moreover you can get support in French, German, and Danish language, apart from English. You can get live support too apart from the email support.

Why you should be using BulletVPN?

  • Hides your original IP address.
  • Encrypts the web traffic.
  • Allows unlimited switch between the servers.
  • Easily download unlimited content at good speed.
  • Browse the internet secretly.
  • Connect multiple devices in single subscription plan.

Setting Up BulletVPN on Your Computer

  1. You must download and install the BulletVPN’s client that is compatible with your device.
  2. Click on the quick launch icon to open BulletVPN’s interface.BulletVPN Software Setup
  3. Click on the ‘Sign In’ button after entering your login details.BulletVPN Software Setup
  4. Now, click on the ‘Connect’ option and wait for the connection to be established patiently.BulletVPN Software Setup
  5. Once you are connected, the yellow circle will turn green. You are allowed to change your server location unlimited times by simply clicking on the ‘Locations’ option and choosing the favorable location.BulletVPN Software Setup
  6. Before choosing the location, you need to disconnect the present connection and then select the new location to connect to. Once you are connected to the desired location, browse the web securely.


BulletVPN has 3 different plans to offer to all its users. You will be charged $7.50/month for the annual plan. The monthly plan costs you $10.98/month while the half-yearly plan costs you $9.16/month. If you don’t like its services after purchasing the plan, you can always ask for a refund within 30 days of buying any of its subscription plans.

BulletVPN Pricing

The Final Verdict

BulletVPN has emerged as a reliable VPN solution for individuals and businesses across the globe. It has been trusted by thousands of users and has made a reputation of being a blazing fast VPN network. You can surely enjoy streaming your favorite videos on its superfast servers that are totally secured by top-level military grade encryption. If you are really worried about your network security, you must start using BulletVPN now and prevent any harmful attack on your network.



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