8 Best SSL Certificate Providers That You Can Trust in 2019


These days, do you see anybody without the internet, do you see anyone without mobile phones, do you see anyone who doesn’t use online shopping – we don’t think your answer is “a NO”.

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Because in this life, there is so many stuff we do online apart from online shopping. We pay bills online, we use internet banking safely, we meet our friends online and we shop online and a lot more.

Because it is easy, faster and convenient.  People find it very interactive and more real-time. But how many of you all know that there is a standard credential behind this huge range of e-commerce technology and this is called as SSL Certificate.

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A study to illustrate:
Just to remind you all– the April 2014, “Heartbleed bug”

Yeah! Even before explaining it further, it’s a “chill down the spines“ phase for the webmasters, developers and software developers worldwide. This was a deadly security breach in the Open SSL; an open-source library that has put at risks millions of websites and computers.

Thus, the need for enhanced security measures came into the picture. Continuing this, the world leader and the top most search engine – Google was very proactive to take counteractive measures. Google aimed to make the web a better place for secure connections where everyone feels safe with all their transactions.

Thus, by implementing HTTPS as a mandate for the browsers and servers it gives search engine friendliness, which in turn leads to higher rankings.

Additionally, Google started a campaign termed as “Encrypt All the Things”.  That was related to encouraging webmasters to discard the conventional HTTP protocol and choose HTTPS.

Even, Google has started to flag all Unencrypted (HTTP) websites as “Not secure” in the Chrome address bar where you have to enter the credentials. Thus, SSL certificates requirements have been increased to improve web security and privacy.

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To embark on what is SSL certificate and how and from where to buy SSL certificates online it becomes imperative to know which SSL certificate is right for your business. A person who does not have a clear idea on which SSL certificate to pick for business, this article will help you. Every website has its own requirement to comply SSL certificate and according to these compliances, they should choose their certificate provider.

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What Is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer that connects your desktop or computer to the server that is secure and safe for all your sensitive data.  SSL certificate is characteristically used on the websites that are used to transmit the credit card details, banking details, personal information, tax details (if any) or any other information your business demands to feed.

What Type of SSL Certificate will You Need?

This purely depends on the needs and the requirements of your business, as stated earlier in this article.  Another factor that comes into the picture is how well-accepted and reliable these providers are, also what are the prices they are offering.

Before you decide from where to buy, you should know which SSL certificate you should opt. There is a variety of SSL Certificates available upon different requirements like Single Domain certificate to protect single domains, Wildcard SSL for sub-domain protection, SAN for multiple domains, EV SSL to get Green Address Bar.

Now, you have core idea of different types of certs, and if you have multiple sub-domains under the single domain, you should better go with Wildcard SSL certificate.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Please look at some of the important features to be borne in mind. Some crucial points need to be covered with favorable Wildcard SSL certificate and the SSL providers are as followed:

  • You should get round the clock technical assistance, just in case any issue arises
  • There must be online tools where you can check the vital stats of the SSL certificate
  • Trust seal and a security badge is a must have with SSL certificate
  • For you to get regular reminders, there must be an auto-renewal system
  • If there is a money-back guarantee with the warranty – nothing better than this

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Thus, be safe and wise while you choose your SSL certificate provider this year. So be sure that you are choosing real security for your website. Let’s have a check list of top Best SSL certificate providers that you can choose this year.

Note: We are generally going to talk about Wildcard SSL; because they can protect the entire domain with subdomains.

Best SSL Certificate Providers That You Should Know This Year



SSL2BUY is the name that reverberates with trust when it comes to purchasing Wildcard SSL certificates. It boasts a wide range of SSL certificates that range from basic Single-Domain to Multi-domain certificates of leading SSL brands such as AlphaSSL, Comodo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign, and Symantec. SSL2BUY offers AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate at $38/yr. Including 24/7 customers support, 30 days full money back policy and the trusted site seals that add to its effectiveness.


PositiveSSL is a sister company of the world’s number 2 Certificate Authority Comodo. It is actually one of the best SSL certificates provider to fulfill security requirements to any type of business. It is used for home-based businesses and commercial set-up as well, ranging from all the e-commerce to other types of enterprises.

Comodo Positive SSL

This company gives up to 256-bit encryption and is highly trusted by almost all the browsers.  It also offers unlimited server licenses, with a $250,000 warranty and excellent chat support whenever you need.  Here the Positive SSL Wildcard certificate price starts at $199 annually.

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Cheap SSL Shop

Wildcard SSL certificate is a perfect choice for the businesses who want to protect their unlimited sub-domains under a single security certificate. Cheap SSL Shop offers Wildcard certificates at a discounted price at just $51/yr. to protect your website. No worries for the price, as they are cheap.

Cheap SSL Shop

Your selection of SSL certificate will rely on the business needs, brand, and the type of certificate validation. Here you will find SSL certificates from many brands such as – RapidSSL, Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust, Symantec, and GlobalSign who has gained huge popularity in the SSL industry. This SSL certificate is ideal for small and medium size businesses.



It is a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) around the world. If we talk about online reputation, it tops the charts with excellent service and continuous support.  It is considered to be the most trusted SSL certificate provider in the internet security market. Here you directly purchase RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates at $216/yr. from the Authority. They provide full support in selecting the best SSL as per your website’s needs.


Thawte SSL

Thawte is another low priced Wildcard SSL Certificate provider that offers wildcard certificates at the lowest rates to organizations. The cheapest plan for Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard certificate is $524 a year that gives up to 256-bit encryption including 1.25M USD warranty, Free reissues, Unlimited Server Licenses, Dynamic trusted site seal from Thawte.



ClickSSL is an IT Security company, situated in the United States. The Company offers an option to bargain and compares the price and that makes it more exciting. All you have to just use ClickSSL’s deals page there you will find a range of exciting deals on Wildcard SSL certificates that include Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate at just $90/yr. Check some of the well-accepted Wildcard SSLs provided by ClickSSL.

  • RapidSSL Wildcard
  • Thawte Wildcard SSL
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard



In case you feel that other companies are way too expensive for you, then please look at the SSL certificates offered by GeoTrust. They are highly trusted and provide a trust seal that confirms your security. GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard certificate costs just $499/yr.  You can also get expert support if you are halted anywhere, additionally, certificate purchased from GeoTrust will be equipped with 256-bit encryption, up to USD $1,250,000 warranty and 30 days refund policy options etc.



GlobalSign is a popular SSL Certificate Authority that offers Domain SSL Wildcard certificate at an affordable price of $696/yr. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. GlobalSign is a well-reputed identity service company that delivers cloud-based PKI solutions to the companies that need to execute secure connections, safe e-commerce; content and perfect content delivery to its users and customers.

Final Thoughts

Selection of best SSL certificate provider is not much difficult, as it seems. One needs to be vigilant and wise in choosing the best. The SSL Certificate providers mentioned in this article are widely accepted and trusted that you can afford; let your business be secure.

If you are using SSL certificates from any other providers; and you think they should be included in the list then let us know using the comment section below.


  1. Including Thawte and Geotrust on your list makes no sense. You do know google chrome is officially distrusting their certs in August because of tens of thousands of misissued certs and several warnings as they are owned by Symantec. Most of the top providers are resellers of Comodo and you didn’t even mention digicert….

    • Hello Yan,
      Google warned the Symantec, Thawte, Geotrust to properly update the certificate. Those limitations were only on the existing issued certificate. Therefore Google asked all the webmasters to update the certificates in the given amount of time. This does not apply to the newly issued SSL certificates. Correct me if I am wrong.

      Answering your second question. We have mentioned Comodo in the article but maybe DigiCert slip from our mind. We will surely include it in when we update the list in the next few days. Thank you for notifying us.

  2. Hey, Mehul Boricha thanks for the update on Best SSL certificate providers list, I think you missed out Instant SSL. So far, I’m using this around two years. Which is best, trusted SSL certificate and also very cheap with 90 days free trial. Please include it in your next/updated article.

    • Hello Asraf,
      You are welcome. :) We will include Instant SSL when we update the article. Thank you for notifying.


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