5 Best Messenger Apps For Android (Different Purposes)


We all have used instant messaging services to communicate in real time. No one knows if it was doing more good than bad, all we know is its relevance. The communication is mostly text based. Some of the best instant messaging services have other additional features such as sending voice notes, file transfer, sending hyperlinks and video chat.

So now that we get the list of what exactly the service comprises. We now know that the need for services like this is significant. It is a great application to bring together people from remote locations and engage collaborated work. While this is true for many businesses, there is also the entertainment part of the IM service.

Many people are glued to their phone, wherever they are just so that they are available when a chat pops up. The usages of the free chatting apps & services mentioned are the major contributors to the success of Internet Messaging(IM) services.

Let us take a look at best five messaging for Android each hoarding its unique features that will make you choose what’s best when.

List of Best Messenger Apps For Android

1. Google+ Hangouts

This service is easy to set up on your PC or smart phones alike. All you need is a Gmail account and follow the instruction on screen after you download the application. Even though the application is used for communication between friends and family, Google Hangout is also used for professional, formal communication. We think this is because of the Goodwill Gmail has. Google hangouts allow communication between more than two people, and it has video chat services as well.


2. TextNow

TextNow App allows its users to make free calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. It also allows group calls which can host up to about 25 people at one time. This makes this the perfect tool for video conferencing; let it be for business meetings or family meeting, TextNow has got you.  This messenger allows users to make the call to non-users on their mobile or landline.


3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a whole domain altogether. It is business and employment based social media which also has IM services. Since LinkedIn’s sole purpose is to create a platform for employers/business professionals to get in contact with job seekers, the messaging service is also used to aid that objective. Once you have a LinkedIn account, you are free to use this messenger. It is the perfect mode of communication to first introduce yourself in the business world.


4. Transportation

This section does not deal with one service but a collection of services that are available with taxi/cab application such as Ola and Uber. Transporation is a revolutionary application. These transportation applications now feature IM services along with many other functions. The user can communicate with the driver in real time to sort of minor problem that might occur in figuring out the pickup location.

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transporation app

5. Emergency

Like the section above, this section also deals with the common services that are in operation in case of an emergency. With the convenience of smart phones, one is notified immediately if there is any emergency, also a value addition, one can be given specific instruction to follow to help the person in danger. Some messaging services can be used for this purpose, from Facebook to Twitter and Whatsapp to TextNow.


Usually, Emergency communication systems are one way, or at least it used to be. Now with the widespread use of this existing technology, the communication system has also grown and become two-way instead of one.

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The Final Verdict

It is a sin if I don’t talk about Facebook and Whatsapp when we are discussing best social media messengers. Though the purposes of these messengers are widely known. It is not until recently we have begun appreciating it for its potential and relevance.

Why, even the photographer’s community, the ever loved Instagram integrated IM services shortly after its success. Though initially both Facebook and Whatsapp were designed for text based communication it has various features now to enhance real time conversation; I must say people enjoy it better than having a face to face conversation, it seems like.

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From instantly updating what you are eating to the person at the other end, to sending voice notes to the family that you’re missing while on your business trip, these messengers have penetrated to the very foundation of how we communicate. It defines our mood and intentions over text messages, rather inaccurately most of the time.

This is a drawback because people tend to over think and over interpret our messages; this is where emojis came in. Emoticons assist the reader in understanding the tone and intention of our words. By the looks of it, it is safe to say that messengers have much more potential in this fast moving world.

About Author: Rahul Gupta

  • I think WhatsApp should be added in this least. I am sure the WhatsApp is used by more people in the world as compared to above mention apps.