6 Best iPhone Apps You Should Check Out in 2019


Apple is always coming up with new and fun apps to keep users interested. Some apps are extremely useful for daily tasks while others are more fun. Here are some of the top apps from Apple:

Best iPhone Apps You Should Check Out

7 Minute Workout

This app has received high praise and ratings among a variety of Apple users. Whether you are looking to ease your way back into fitness, or are looking for something quick to do anywhere to save yourself time and money, this app can be extremely useful.

The app is well designed and gives you all the needed information. You can also add warm up and cool down sets if you prefer during the 7-minute workout. Try it out now and let us know your views on the app.

Things 3

This app helps you stay organized by creating to-do lists on your phone. You can drag and drop items between lists and helps you manage tasks. It is one of the best to-do apps you can find on the apple store.

The interface of the app is awesome and lets you manage the upcoming tasks easily. It can be synced and integrated with calendar services like Google and other services to show up every task you have. Isn’t it great!


This app helps you take amazing photos and edit high-quality pictures. The app has actually been around since 2015 and has received consistently high ratings in the United States. Whether you enjoy photography or simply want to take amazing selfies, this app is definitely useful.Enlight Photofox base app is free however if you really like it a lot, then

Enlight Photofox base app is free however if you really like it a lot, then you can grab the premium subscription and get tons of new features.

Kitchen Stories

If cooking is not your forte, this app is gold. The app will give you step by step instructions with photos and videos and will help you in creating a shopping list for your dinner. Once you get a bit more comfortable in the kitchen, you can even create your own cookbook.

You will be surprised to know that it is Germany’s number 1 food app &  is completely free to use.


This is a great app for notes and sketches. The app is free to download, extremely easy to use and will let you sync your writing, drawings, or codes to your other devices for a small yearly subscription fee.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac so you can stay on task across every device. If you have used an app like Evernote before then you will definitely love this app.

Splitter Critters

Forget Candy Crush, this app will let you rearrange your screen to save stranded space aliens. It has won Apple Design Award of 2017, so you can get an idea how good it is. Play Now!

Most of these apps will work on iPhones or iPads and can be even better with the appropriate accessories. If you are looking for any kinds of Apple accessories, including iPad or MacBook Pro accessories you can find these at your local Mac service store.