Best iPhone 7 Case: ESeekGo Wallet Case Review

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On October 23, 2016
Last modified:December 30, 2017


Best in class case for your iPhone 7 if you don't want to compromise on features,quality and looks.

It’s hard to find a good case right?

Almost two months ago we reviewed the best iPhone 6s case. So once again Apple has launched its new flagships namely iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Both are the best devices in its way.

Also now they are IP67 certified (water and dust resistant) and sadly there is no headphone jack available. They are powered by the new Apple A10 Fusion chip which is expected to deliver a smoother experience.

So what can you do?

No matter how cool or amazing any device is, it is better to have additional accessories for protecting your device from any damage or harm. So here we are going to review ESeekGo iPhone 7 wallet case which we found quite intriguing in look and feel and it’s one of the best iPhone 7 case that you can find in the market right now!

This case is not as protective as an iPhone armor case, but honestly, armor case doesn’t have an appealing look. So let’s see on its details.

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Best iPhone 7 Wallet Case by ESeekGo

Check out the image above to have a look at iPhone 7 card holder case. You can view the full gallery on

Some amazing features

Now coming directly right at the point, we’ve listed some of the specs/features/pros of this case which will probably help you in buying a perfect case for your iPhone 7:

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  • Fully compatible with iPhone 7
  • Built-in card holder will help you store credit cards, business cards, money, photos, etc.
  • Magnetic clasp will help you in opening in closing case.
  • Perfect cutting and finishing.
  • Can also work as a stand to enjoy multimedia experience.
  • Premium feel.

This was just an overview. If you still think that this is quite a large case then believe that this is not just a phone case but can also act as your wallet as it has enough pockets to be used as a wallet. Tell us what you think about it.

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Give it a try!

Also, the phone is attached to the case using a soft TPU case which will shield the corners & edges of your iPhone from wear and tear. Additionally, it comes in six different color combination.

According to us, it’s a perfect case considering the design, features, and price. It is available just @ $10.99. You can buy it from here.

We hope that this review may have helped you in choosing a perfect case for your device. Do share your views and doubts in the comment section below.