6 Best Entertainment Apps for Android You Must Have


It’s true in life we need three things- entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.  Be it to pass time on a boring bus journey or be it an unending metro ride, we need our smartphone to keep us sane. Our smartphones always help us get out of sticky situations and provides much-needed relief from the boredom that would otherwise kill us. It’s safe to say we owe our life to our smartphones.

There are a few apps that take entertainment up a notch and having them can really help the hours pass faster. Here are a few must have apps to make your android the ultimate hub of entertainment:

Best Entertainment Apps for Android



We’ve all had that crazy phase where we impersonate lines from our favorite TV sit-coms and movies and try mimicking actors. Some of us are naturally gifted while the rest of us can only dream! Well for the rest of us comes our savior- Dubsmash! This cool app allows you to use the sound and audio clip as background noise while we lip sync to make it look like us talking. Be it a line from your favorite character on TV, or be it an epic SRK line or be it a line from a song, just record a video of yourself with the audio and you’re good to go and get entertained for hours. You can also share the amazing videos with your friends to spread the riot!

Download Dubsmash



With Fridays comes the twin good news of the weekend and a good new movie release in the theaters. Sometimes all one needs is to watch a good enjoyable movie and one is done for the weekend and ready to face the new week. With BookMyShow, never stay behind with the latest news from the world of glitz and glamor and book tickets for your most eagerly awaited movie without having to stand in long lines.  Through this app, you can read all the latest reviews and find out how well a movie fared at the box office and what ratings it garnered so you are sure whether it’s worth the investment or not!

Now make the most of your movie outing by using exclusive BookMyShow Coupons and get great deals and discounts along with Cashback exclusively from CashKaro.com.

Download BookMyShow

Cosmic Watch

Cosmic Watch

If you are in astrology then we are sure that you will love this app. It is an interactive app which will let see real time world clock, celestial navigation, astral chart, time travel, digital orrery, solar eclipse detector. You can track stars and planets (with their orientation) in real time which is awesome. There are lots of features that you can find that we don’t even know about. Let us know what you think about this app.

Download Cosmic Watch


This is a great app for music lovers who cannot miss a gig at any cost. By feeding in your location, this app tells you the gigs playing near you and the artists they feature. You can also sync it with Google Maps to know the directions to the venue and the app uses data to know your favorite bands and keep you informed. Similarly, you can share photos from the event and give in your ratings and relive the experience anytime.

Download Gigbox



Ever had that moment where a song you really like is playing on the radio but you can’t recall the origins of the song? Ever had that moment where you hear a song that catches your attention and you want to download it later but are sketchy on the lyrics and details? This app is just for you. Now whenever a song plays on the radio or on any device near you, just open the app and “Shazam” it and the app will give you all the details about the album, artist, and lyrics and also save the data of all the songs you’ve looked up so you can browse your history and download any song at any time!

Once you’ve downloaded some great songs and have a great collection why not enjoy it with a nice pair of headphones? You can browse through various headphones and other electronics using Flipkart Offers and get yourself great deals and discounts on all your favorite electronics with an additional cash back bonus.

Download Shazam

10000+ Whatsapp Status

We all know Whatsapp statuses are updated by keeping someone in mind. We may not always express who that anonymous person is but most Whatsapp statuses are directed towards a person or event in particular. The next time you feel dissed and want a great come back or you want to show off some philosophy on love and life, just use this app to find thousands of Whatsapp status you can use in both English and Hindi and let all your friends know what’s really going on in your mind and how you’re feeling emotionally! This app makes it easier to express emotions.

Now get these amazing apps that transform your phone and make it an amazing device to keep you busy for hours so you never have to look awkward on those torturous social events where you can’t tell who is who but are forced to attend because of your parents. These entertainment apps will surely add a tinge of fun to your life!

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