31 Best Android Apps For Bloggers to Make Blogging Awesome


Blogging is about sharing your knowledge on the internet. As we know that most of the people including bloggers prefer to buy Android devices. So bloggers also need to manage some of the things on the go. Hence, you must have the right apps installed on your Android phone to make blogging easier. So here is our list of 31 best Android apps for bloggers to make blogging easier.

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Best Android Apps for Bloggers (Complete List)

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense Android App

Making money can be a difficult task. Adsense provides an easy way to monetize your blog/website by displaying the ads on your existing content. If you are using Google Adsense, this app will help you to keep track of the earnings, Pageviews, Ad-clicks, RPM, etc.

Download Google Adsense


2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Android App

Google Analytics is a must have blogging tool that will help you analyze your traffic and traffic pattern with demographics. You can access and track all of the data which you can do on the computer along with real-time data reporting.

Download Google Analytics

3. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

If you are a blogger especially if you have a technology blog you often need to download huge files. So it is not safe to download it using native android downloader because if data connection encounters a problem, then your download will fail or if you wanted to download a file scheduled you can’t. This app will help you to download files in a way that you want. This app is similar to Internet Download Manager (IDM) on Windows.

Download Advanced Download Manager

4. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer

This is the best app that you can find on Google Play Store which can manage files quickly and along with many features. You can easily create and extract archives like zip, rar, tar, etc. which can come in quite handy when you are a blogger.

Download Solid Explorer

5. Blogger

Blogger Android App

If you have a blog hosted on blogger, then you should give this app a try. Still, blogger app does not have many options as WordPress app, but it is still good. You can publish a new blog post or edit an existing one and various such things using this app.

Download Blogger

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6. Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Android

As we know that Chrome is not only popular for its loading speed but also it reduces data usage,  Data sync across devices, Voice search, Translates, Privacy, etc. The best feature that will be loved by the blogger is the synchronization so that data need not be remembered separately.

Download Google Chrome

7. Google Keep

Google Keep Android App

Google Keep is a must have app for keeping track of little things that you can’t afford to forget. For example, whenever I have a new idea about what to write on my blog, I quickly take a note so that I can remember it later. Apart from that, you can also share a note with multiple users which can be quite useful when you are working in groups.

Download Google Keep

8. Facebook

Facebook Android App

You can share links and useful information directly with your friends. No more comments, everybody knows about it. ;)

Download Facebook

9. Google+

Google+ Android App

Same as Facebook, you can share links and information with your circle. Also, having more number of shares and an active profile on Google+ can help you achieve great success in SEO journey.

Download Google+

10. Google Docs

Google Docs Android App

Google Docs is a very useful app to write and store the valuable documents online. You can easily manage and edit your documents both offline as well as online. If you want to find a more amazing way to edit offline documents on the Android phone, then you can check out WPS office.

Download Google Docs

11. Inbox (Discontinued Gmail Recommended)

Inbox by Gmail Android App

If you have a blog then for sure, you are getting regular emails from your readers, advertisers, clients, etc. Instead of using the native Gmail app, you can try inbox. There are several things like organizing the mail, clean and immersive user interface and many other things that you will find charming about this app.

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12. Hangouts

Google Hangouts Android App

Many bloggers nowadays prefer Hangouts rather than Skype and Facebook. You can also do a video hangout. As this is from Google, you will experience no lags and delay in the communication if you have a fine working internet connection.

Download Hangouts

13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Android App

This app will help you to connect with various professionals. Not only that you can create a company page for your blog and share your blog posts there.

Download LinkedIn

14. MediaFire

MediaFire Android App

As Tech Arrival is also a technology blog. We usually need to upload huge files. MediaFire is a great platform where you can store and manage your data quickly. It is one of the best cloud storage services that we have come across in a while.

Download MediaFire

15. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager

If you are a blogger, you will obviously have a fan page on Facebook. This app will let you manage your page quickly. You can perform all the operations that you was able to do on the computer. However, the size of the app is quite large so make sure to have some free space.

Download Facebook Pages Manager

16. PicsArt


As we know that images are the key points in an article. They represent what is going to be inside the article. If you have great images, you will surely receive a huge amount of likes and shares. And this directly means more traffic. So, what are you waiting for?

Download Picsart

17. Twitter

Twitter Android App

Similarly, like Facebook, you can share links and information and also connect to brands and peoples in your niche. You can find latest trends, people interests as most of the people nowaday use Twitter for question answers. If you are in tech niche, we will recommend following MKBHD and Android Authority on Twitter.

Download Twitter

18. WordPress

WordPress Android App

This app is useful to you if you have a blog at WordPress.com or a self-hosted blog. You can add/edit/publish posts, check stats, moderate comments, etc. by this app through your Android device.

Download WordPress

19. WordWeb


It is a free offline Web dictionary with phrases. It will help you to understand some difficult words which you will encounter during your blogging journey. There are lots of things that you can do with this app including strengthing your vocabulary.

Download WordWeb

20. YouTube

YouTube Android App

You all know YouTube right! Then you will know how important it is if you need to find any tutorials or anything like that. The best part is that you can now also download the videos and watch it later anytime you want even without an internet connection.

Download YouTube

21. Google Drive

Google Drive Android App

Previously we have told you to use MediaFire for file storage. But Google Drive is also a great choice to upload sensitive information and data so that it can be accessed anytime you want just with a google account. Additionally, If you are on the newer version of Android, you will find an option which will also backup your app data so that later in case of any catastrophe it can be recovered.

Download Google Drive

22. Buffer

Buffer Android App

The buffer is a service which lets you publish post and updates to all your social media accounts in a single click. You will also be able to see the number of views and clicks to those updates. There is both free and paid service. On a free account, you will be able to manage one profile from each social media platform. For multiple profiles, you will have to upgrade to premium. If you are already using it you know, it’s importance. If not then install and try it now!

Download Buffer

23. Google Photos

Google Photos Android App

Photos are a great way to keep the audience on site for a long time and improve the appearance of the article. You can see that we have used lots of screenshots in this article. First, we have taken screenshots on Moto X Pure/Style, and then the automatic backup was turned on in Google Photos to sync them to the cloud. Then we downloaded the online from Google Photos.

It is quite helpful to have an online backup of memorable photos, and this will also help you access photos at multiple locations at the same time.

Download Google Photos

24. Google Calendar

Google Calendar Android App

Being on time is quite important as a blogger. For example, you’ve got a plane to catch, a meeting to attend, renew your hosting/domain, contact advertiser then google calendar will help you notify ahead of the events, so you will never be late again.

Download Google Calendar

25. Feedly

Feedly Android App

As a blogger, you will need to have regularly updated to the latest happenings in your niche. Visiting every site manually is not a feasible solution. This app will help you aggregate all the websites you frequently visit or like to a single place. You can also categorize them to make it even easier.

Download Feedly

26. Fiverr

Fiverr Android App

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr yet, then go check it out first. This marketplace will help you grow your business and also can get you enough revenue. You can buy almost any services ranging from logo designing, link building to app creation and much more. If you are good at something, then you can create your service (called gig) and then earn some bucks online. This app can come in quite handy to manage buying and selling of gigs on Fiverr.

Download Fiverr

27. JuiceSSH

JuiceSSH Android App

It is evident that you will have a server for your blog. Most of the premium hosting providers provide SSH access to the server, and as you might know, sometimes, SSH is better than CPanel or other GUIs. So using JuiceSSH, you will be able to connect to your server from your Android device directly and will be able to perform every task you were able to perform on a computer.

Download JuiceSSH

28. MailChimp

MailChimp Android App

Email Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic and attract the audience to your blog. For beginners, we recommend using MailChimp because it is free if you have less than 2000 subscribers. Therefore this app will let you manage your MailChimp campaign, report, etc.

Download MailChimp

29. PayPal

PayPal Android App

Most of the businesses use PayPal to make international payments. So as a blogger you must have a PayPal account. If you do, then this app will let you manage your PayPal account and all its features right from the app.

Download PayPal

30. Quora

Quora Android App

This is not only the best Android apps for bloggers, but it is for everyone. You can find a solution to almost any problem or question here. If you know an answer to someone’s question, then you can also write a reply. This will grow your online network. Bloggers may also use it to drive traffic from their site. (We are not talking about spamming)

Download Quora

31. YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio

If you are a blogger, it is possible that you also may have a YouTube channel. So, using Studio, you can manage your channel on the go. This app will let you see the analytics for your channel, reply to comments and many such things so that you won’t have to carry your laptop around all the time.

Download YouTube Studio

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  1. Nice Collection Mehul,
    I have a lot out of this and i use it daily
    Thanks for informing also there are many unofficial apps which are helpful for bloggers and can be in handy for everyone but to be sure that Those apps aren’t official so can mess up with your blog ! be careful!

    Still this list isn’t enough !

    • Thanks Pishang, If you feel that this list is not enough then you can suggest some apps so that we can add those to this list either they are official or not.

  2. I recently purchased iphone 5s and I Was looking for some apps.

    Thanks for sharing this now I don’t have to go anywhere to find any app

    Keep writing good stuff


  3. I rarely blog from my mobile phone or tablet, actually I have never done that. Even the latest WP have responsive admin area, it is very tough to use on-screen keyboard.

  4. Hey Mehul
    It is first time I visited your blog. It’s awesome. I am much impressed by the quality of contents here that are very pertinent and quite useful for online marketers. Big bravo to you for this wonderful initiative.
    All the apps you mentioned here for bloggers are very useful and being smart online marketers they need to fully aware of their usefulness.
    Thanks for sharing this post that really worth bookmarking.

  5. Hi Mehul, being a WordPress blog owner, I think my first choice should be WordPress app for Android, but so far I know that the app doesn’t still work on Android device! Is it right?

    However, I tested WordPress on my Android phone around a year back and don’t know what’s the condition now as I shifted from Android to Windows mobile platform recently.

    If WordPress works on Android now, I must go for Android again, I promise.

    Thanks for your in-depth article.

    • Hello Milind,

      Personally, I don’t like the WordPress app that much. I directly log in to my WP sites using browser!



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