Best Air Conditioner Buyer’s Guide: Specs You Should Know About


After a long and tiring day at the office, the ‘way’ back home becomes way too tormenting and lethargic when its devoid of the civil liberty that’s blown in from our car’s air conditioner.  In our country’s urban jungles, the many metropolitans offering our comfort space or better the place we call ‘home’ becomes too hot to handle especially if your air conditioning’s’ had been missing the mark.

For those hot and sticky summer evenings further dampened by the moist air, not being able to keep the temperatures below twenty-two can be a big let off. That big an ordeal in spite of that big-expensive piece-of-junk we call the AC has been badly missing the mark. However, there is one thing we all need to understand here is that the fault may not be of that conditioning unit but might persist due to the wrong type of AC. This is a classic case of an AC purchase gone completely wrong and is generally regarded as one of the costliest out of all the electronics.

A right sized AC is one that’s room size, ambient climate, amount of sunlight in the room, size and placement of windows, floor number, number of people occupying the room, number of lights and computers in the room.

Are you thinking about buying a new AC? Picking out the appropriate unit as per your room size is a distinction of the true Indian shopper, the tacit and a sustainable consumer. We can ensure that we don’t waste any monies on that unsuited AC as only a handful of specs we must keep in mind. An air conditioner that’s too small won’t do a commendable job in cooling the room.

One that’s too big for it cools the area a little too quickly and falls short in removing the excessive moisture, leaves off with an unpleasant, clammy room. Might turn out to be little tricky at times, estimating the right model but paying a little extra attention to this and your summer days will never be a troublesome affair.

Best Air Conditioner Buyer’s Guide


The most important thing to remember when buying an air conditioner is to pick out the one that has the appropriate amount of power. A ton of refrigeration (commonly abbreviated as TR) is a unit of power used to describe the heat-extraction capacity of refrigeration/air conditioning It is equivalent to the consumption of one ton of ice per day.


Size & Capacity

An over-sized air conditioner might cool the room faster but will result in a lot of energy wastage. It will also not be able to remove humidity from the room properly. An underpowered air conditioner will never suffice and only result in further frustration. For example – room size between 150 to 250 square feet, a tonnage of about 1.5 should suffice for the AC. Anything more than that and one should go for higher tonnage.

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the international measurement unit of energy. Room ACs are generally 5,000 to 24,000 BTU and it’s important to base your requirement in alignment with the BTU. Low levels of BTU will not suffice the cooling and too much of it would be ‘Antarctica’, vice-versa in accordance with room dimensions. Choosing the BTU precisely while integrating it alongside the external factors such as the height of the ceiling, room insulation, sun exposure, and location etc. shall enable you to get the most energy-efficient cooling system for your home.

Energy Efficiency

It becomes necessary to pay close attention even to the Energy-Efficient Rating (EER): This rating is one of the essentials as air conditioners with higher EERs yield handsome (the most) savings in electric bills. Apart from this, EER also indicates the unit’s impact on the environment as higher ratings result in minimal greenhouse emissions. Air conditioners with more stars generally cost more, but long-term savings would accumulate going forth with higher ratings. You will realize that it is better to choose an air conditioner with more stars, almost always.

Operating Noise

Certain air conditioners are designed keeping in mind the noise reduction motives. If not, the AC has the potential to disturb the light sleepers even on low levels and is a big distraction to everyone in the daytime.

Being a little speculative and thinking ahead, opting to buy out the AC at the right time can save heavily or you may avail better equipment for the same budget. Making full use of the immensely beneficial festive season by receiving huge discounts on your next brand new AC, also ensure about the specifications and do pick out the right unit for your room.


It is impeccable to create the right atmosphere in your room, cool and calm to keep you high on levels of vitality and energy. No matter how the weather is outside, your room should be comfortable at all times. Air conditioner market in India has been expanding in leaps and bounds and a holistic approach to minimize this confusion is yet to be unveiled. Try to keep in mind the above categories and the air conditioning worries could easily be a thing of the past.

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