7 Best 3D Printing apps for Android in 2019


Nowadays 3D technology is one of the popular technology. The 3D technology converts the virtual 3D model into real context. From last few months, many manufacturers managed to produces and release more numbers of Android and iOS applications for their printers.

3D printer demand is currently increasing rapidly in the market. There are many Android and iOS applications which are not compatible with those 3D printers. In this article, we review some Android as well as iOS Apps which support for 3D printing. You can use these Apps with different manufacturing printers.

So you don’t need to worry about the printer’s company. Just go and buy a good 3d printer. Install a good 3d printing application from the application store & you are good to go.
These days, 3D printing trend is not limited only to the desktop printing; you can use Android Apps also. Let’s see some of the Android as well as iOS Apps that you can use for 3D printing.

Best 3D Printing apps for Android

Followings are some of the best 3D printing apps for Android in the market:



This MakerBot’s Thingiverse app will help you for 3D printing or upload a recent 3d creation. This app is available on Android device.

This application has a lot of attractive features. It helps the user to come up with the best 3D models. It allows the user to share their 3D designs with the community. You can get some valuable suggestion about your model from the experienced people. Apart from a modern 3d printer, you can also look for 3d printing pens. Don’t worry about how much does a 3d pen cost? They come with a reasonable price.

The Thingiverse app also supports iOS platform. From this app, you can get some free designs also or start your work from scratch.

Download from Play Store



MakerBot is a product of Markerbot Company in the 3D printing process. With the help of Markerbot, you can control whole printing process from the device itself. Markerbot allows you to choose your own design for printing.

If the printer is able to accept the cloud printing option, then you can push prints from any location using the Markerbot app. Nowadays this application is available in most of the updated versions as well. This application is best suited for people who want to with updated and best technology in the market.

Download from Play Store.

Amazon Prime



The person who uses the Octoprint service would be able to use OctoDroid Application. This application is mainly designed to be used along with Octoprint services.

So if you have a printer from a different company then this application will not able to function with that. The OctoDroid allows you to connect 3D printers through Wi-Fi. From any place, you can start and stop printing task. After finishing the printing task, you can check the log for errors, warning, and other messages. You will get whole control of your printer while using this app. It allows you to connect multiple printers and also monitor your 3D printing jobs.


  • Easy to start a new prints or pause and stop printing process while you are not at home.
  • OctoDroid’s webcam support is used to check the state of your current printing job.
  • OctoDroid sends you notifications that alarm you when the print reaches particular percent. It is good for people who want to keep a good track of the printing progress.
  • Allow you to connect multiple printers.

Download from Play Store

SketchUp Mobile Viewer

SketchUp Mobile Viewer android application allows you to view your Sketches and print them.

This is useful for the interior designer, architectural as well as to the civil and mechanical engineers. As it offers you to print free of cost, so it is very popular. This application will allow you to explore, view and present 3D models. The great feature of the camera menu provides zoom in, as well as zoom out functionality. These applications are also available for desktop. So you can do your 3d designing task from anywhere.

Download from Play Store



eDrawings is the product of SolidWorks company. If you are from engineering background then you must have heard the name of this software.

This is a widely used mechanical CAD program. This is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It allows you to assemble and draw 3d designs. With the help of device camera, you can create a real context of your 3D designs. You can generate feedback from multiple users on your product designs before 3D printing. It can be used as a communication tool through an Email.

Download from Play Store



The Blokify application is specially designed for modeling and printing. In some cases, this app is not supported by many printers. We can use this app like an art app. It contains some building blocks which are readily available in other application.

You can work with your existing device or you can start from scratch also. However great quality comes with a price. This app is a paid app because of the features that it provides. Through it, it is possible to communicate with other popular 3D printers. So, you will have a lot of choices for a 3d printer, while purchasing.

Download from Play Store 



Tinkerplay app can be used to print designs which are made by kids on your 3D printer. This is the best part of this app, to enhance the creative skills of kids. Multiple designs are provided to a kid to choose among them.

Kids can use real-world objects to make 3D designs. It helps you to test the design before exploring the design plan. It also allows you to bend, twist and improve the design as per your expectations. Overall, it’s a great application if your kid is a fan of 3d printing designs and material. It can be also a great gift idea for their birthday.

Download from Play Store

So these were the best 3d printing application in the market currently. Let us know your thoughts on these. If you have any query related to 3d printing then feel free to ask it in the comments sections below.

Thanks for reading.

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