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Hello friends, here in this post I will introduce a service to you which can auto post blog articles to Facebook and many other social networking websites via blog feed.


  1. One-time setup only.
  2. Direct posting to social networks via feed pulling system.
  3. An unlimited number of sites can be added.
  4. You can also post other websites content via feed.
  5. Regular feeds crawling every 3 hours.
  6. Premium accounts are available for a little price.

How to Setup Networked Blogs and Auto Post Blog Articles to Facebook

  1. Go to Networked Blogs.
  2. Login via Facebook.
  3. Go to dashboard.
  4. Click register a new blog.
  5. Enter blog’s address. Click next.
  6. Enter blog name, Tagline, Blog’s feed URL, Topics, Blog’s Description, Language, Agree on terms of service and click next.
  7. Once the blog is registered, Go to the dashboard and click syndication.
  8. Select blog and add social network target.
  9. Now your posts will be automatically posted to social networks.

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    • Yes this service is completely safe because it uses Facebook API but you can be blocked from posting if you post very frequently. So it is better to wait some time and bulk post after some time.

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