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Abhilash Thakur is the founder of weararena.com who has a keen eye on news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around Wearable technology.
Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumored Specs, Release Date, Price & More

As we inch towards the 2017 iteration of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a rumor every single day about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is more the norm than the exception. Some reports...
iPad Air 3 Rumors

iPad Air 3 Rumors and Wishlists

Even though the market now has plenty of Android tablets to compete against the iPads, these devices still remain to be the most popular tablets. We have met people who are fans of Android...
iOS 10 Features

The iOS 10 Features and Specifications – Rumors

Apple is one of the brands that believe in innovation and experiments. After Steve Jobs, people thought that Apple is not showing enough intent but the launch of iPhone 6, iOS 9 and Apple...
Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is in the Making!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have already been shown off at the Mobile World Congress that was held in Barcelona few days ago. It’s been almost three weeks since the smartphone...
Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4 to Release in IFA 2015?

The Sony Xperia Z4 hasn’t been showcased in the recently gone Mobile World Congress 2015. Even though there has been a Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, there was no Xperia Z4 smartphone. There are even...

LG G4 Specs, Features, Release date & Pricing Details

People have been asking when the LG G4 is going to come out, as the companies have begun rolling out the latest iteration of their flagship smartphones. Samsung has just unveiled their new flagship...
Fitbit Force

Fitbit Force : A Perfect Fitness Tracker Around Your Wrist

Fitbit Force is a terrific product for ensuring the better health. It takes a thorough dig at different factors associated with your better health like the calories burnt, the sleep quality, etc. This is...
Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive : It’s a real gift for the athletes & fitness freaks

The talk of town of the technology arena presently is the wearables. In fact its market is growing strong. Some tout it as the next generation advancement. To be specific, the smartwatch concept looks...

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