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Advertising Options

Here on Tech Arrival, we offer a lot of advertisement option here. Most preferred advertising choice of brands is Sponsored Reviews about their products and services.

You can find all Advertising options below :

We allow brands to put their advertisement on out website to get most exposure in front of our audience and daily readers. Here are the banner size its placement position and appearance on Tech Arrival :

Square ButtonRight Sidebar125*125Everywhere
Medium RectangleRight Sidebar350*250Everywhere
Medium RectangleBetween Post350*250All Posts
Large RectangleBetween Post366*280All Posts
Large SkyscraperRight Sidebar350*250Everywhere
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Sponsorship Options

We provide various sponsorship option for advertisers to better approach our audience and make them their customer. It is the most effective way of boosting brand visibility and reputation. Tech Arrival has already helped many popular and emerging brands to increase their reach.

You can check out all of the sponsorship option below :

In sponsorship options, sponsored reviews is most popular among advertisers.We will write a complete in-depth Review of your product/service to ensure the visitors engagement to your product/service. Through this review we will tell our readers why your product is useful, it’s features, why it is better over other products in the market. This will help you to convert our readers to your loyal customer.

What you’ll get?

  • Your product/service will get the maximum exposure among all the readers and subscribers of Tech Arrival.
  • This article will be promoted on Social Media of Tech Arrival and also personal profiles of it’s members.
  • You will get Do-Follow backlink which will increase your Domain and Page authority, Alexa Rank etc.
  • Higher SERP ranking of your website, resulting in more organic traffic from search engines and hence getting more customers.
  • and much more.

– Sponsored Review will be featured on sidebar and homepage for at least 5 days.

– Sponsored Review will never be deleted from our website once published.

As per advertiser request we can organize a sponsored giveaway which will not only help our readers to win free rewards but it will also help the brand to get more exposure and fast sales. Not only this it will also give a large number of social engagement and hence more Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc.

Other Sponsorship Options

There are many other sponsorship options that we provides :

  • Sponsored Review (Website/Product/Service/Business Start-Ups)
  • Sponsored Guides (How to)
  • Sponsored Giveaways
  • Sponsored Shares (Facebook Fans + Twitter Followers + Google Plus Fans + Newsletter Subscribers)



We do not have fixed prices on Advertising and Sponsorship. Pricing completely depends upon the various factors. So you have to Contact Us directly for discussion regarding prices.

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Our Advertisers and Sponsors

Apart from above mentioned advertising and sponsorship options, if you want to discuss any other advertising idea, feel free to drop a message using Contact Us page.

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