How To Add Subscription Box To Facebook Page


So in this post we are using a Facebook app which will help up to add any script in a new tab like HTML, CSS, iframe, JavaScript so that we can add not only subscription box but anything we want.

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Steps to To Add Subscription Box To Facebook Page

  1. Open up your Facebook page.
  2. Near your page description you will find empty tabs with having ‘+’ sign on their right top corner.
  3. Press ‘+’ symbol.
  4. A drop down menu will appear, click find more apps.
  5. Now you will be redirected to Facebook App Centre.
  6. Click search for apps.
  7. Search for “Static HTML: iframe tabs”.
  8. Then click go to app. If it asks for any permission grant it.
  9. You will find something like this photo.Add Subscription Box To Facebook Page
  10. Click Add Static Page To HTML.
  11. Select your Facebook page and click Add Page Tab.Add Subscription Box To Facebook PageAdd Subscription Box To Facebook Page
  12. Now that Tab is successfully added to your page.
  13. Now go to your Facebook page and click that tab.
  14. Click Edit Tab and set it up according to your requirements.
  15. That’s it you have successfully add subscription box to facebook page.

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