How to Add All Friends to Facebook Group in Single Click of 2017


In the previous tutorial, we have covered how to invite all friends to facebook page. Now moving forward, if you have created an online community, you will need a facebook group. This will help you to interact directly with your daily viewers. But to make it bigger, you might need to add all friends to facebook group.

4 Tips to Optimize and Grow a Facebook Group

Decide Your Target Audience

The first thing that you have to think while creating an online community is that, who are you going to serve? For us, it is the people who need tech assistance. Here are the few things that you should take care of:

Select Group Type

Pick Facebook Group Type

As we mentioned earlier. Select what your group is about. This will help in specifying whenever a user visits your group.

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Customize URL

Web and Email Facebook Group

Custom URLs helps the user to quickly remember and access the group even if they have not bookmarked it.

Set Tags

Facebook Group Tags

Tags let the Facebook as well as it’s user know that what you are going to cover in your community. This may also be used to suggest your group to the audience having similar interests. So don’t forget to fill the tags!

Posting Permission and Approval

Facebook Group Posting Rules

Posting permission decide who can post. For building an active community I will suggest you to keep it open for all. This is where the concept of post-approval comes in.

If you want to keep your group spam free then turn this option on. So that whenever someone post on the group, first it will have to be approved to appear on the group. However setting this option means you have to regularly check for pending posts. It’s a little work but this is the cost of keeping group clean.

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Membership Approval

Facebook Group Membership Approval

This will decide that members can be directly added to the Facebook group or they have to be approved by an admin or a moderator. Keep it as per your convenience.

Be Regular

If you want it to be a huge and growing community, you will have to be fast enough to solve the queries and questions asked by the users. So that they can know that you are in for a serious business. This will also encourage existing members to share it with their friends and colleagues.

Encourage Your Existing Fans to Join the Group

If you are having a fan page then you can share it there and invite users to join the community and letting them know that they can directly interact with users with similar interests there.

Share it On Different Social Media Platforms

Just like you did with the Facebook fan page, also try to share it on various social media platforms and also if possible via email to your subscribers.

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Now coming back to the point. Manually, adding all friends will take a lot of effort. But in this post I am going to share a code which will help to add all of your friends in just a single click. I have also created a video tutorial for it which is given below. You can also check out written tutorial below this video.

Steps to Add All Friends to Facebook Group in Single Click

Add All Friends to Facebook Group

  1.  Copy the code given below or open this link & copy given code.
  2. Go to Facebook Group where you want to add your friends. (Google Chrome Browser is recommended)
  3. Press F12 to open developer console.
  4. Paste code there and hit enter.
  5. Within few minutes all of your friends will be added to that group.

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