How to Activate Whatsapp Voice Calling – 3 Methods


A recent update from Whatsapp includes voice calling feature which needs to be activated via an invitation from an active user of WhatsApp calling but here in this post we are going to discuss three methods by which you can activate Whatsapp voice calling on your Android device. If you are having normal Java phone then do check out Whatsapp for Java.

Important: First of all you need to update your Whatsapp to the latest available version on Google Play Store.

Method 1 – Invitation (Tradition Method)

  1. Ask your friend who is already using Whatsapp voice calling feature to call you once.
  2. Receive call once.
  3. Now you have activated Whatsapp voice calling feature on your phone.

After following method 1, still if you unable to Whatsapp voice calling feature then you can try other methods given below.

Note: You will need a rooted android device in order to follow method 2 & method 3. Root your device now!

Method 2 – XML File Editing

  1. Download & install ES File Explorer on your Android device from Google Play Store.
  2. Open menu(Click left soft button) and change status of the Root Explorer to On.
  3. Now click Root Explorer option and select Mount R/W and change all options to RW.
  4. Navigate to /data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/
  5. Open com.whatsapp__preferences.xml with ES Note Editor.
  6. Find <map> in that file.
  7. Add two lines given below after <map>
    <boolean name="call" value="true" />
    <string name="call_allowed">all</string>
  8. Save the file and exit ES File Explorer.
  9. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Whatsapp -> Force Stop -> OK.
  10. Now open Whatsapp again. You will see Whatsapp voice calling feature activated.

Method 3 – Terminal Emulator

  1. Download & install Terminal Emulator on your android device from Google Play Store.
  2. Open Terminal Emulator and type following code :
    am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity
  3. Open Whatsapp & see Whatsapp voice calling feature activated &  in action.

Note: You can only call WhatsApp calling feature to call that user who already has Whatsapp voice calling enable.

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  • Hello Mehul,
    I tried all three methods
    First one is not working currently because invite window was closed now .
    And second method I tried to root access through Es explorer but is shows This feature can’t apply on this phone .
    And third method I tried this one also and it shows “Su: not found “.
    Hope u will help me to resolve this problems.

    Thank you dude.

    • Second & Third method are not working for you because your phone does not have root access. Kindly root your phone before proceeding to 2nd or 3rd method.

    • Unfortunately due to some reason Whatsapp have stopped/closed activation of voice calling by invite. We will notify you as soon they reopen it.

  • Well i have tried it but it seems like you should have 3g mobiles for using whatsapp calling feature. It was nice reading post. Thanks.