8 Tips To Write A Great Blog Post


There are millions of blogs over the internet out of which only a few are able to provide unique and quality content and get maximum exposure i.e. loads and loads of traffic. I’ve been hearing through the years that “Content Is King” Content is the only thing which can get you loads and loads of visitors. A good content post is really very necessary for a blog to attract more and more visitors Things To Consider While Writing A Blog Post: Thought, Keywords, Uniqueness, Overview, Contents, Elaboration and Explanation, Consistency, Images For Reference.

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 Think of the topic on which you would like to write a post. Choose it in such a way that you are able to write unique and quality content, also make sure that it is an area of your interest.


After you have developed your though process regarding the blog post, impose important keywords relating to your niche within the content and add some weight to it (Make it bold, italic, etc). What this does is helps search engines to recognize the keywords which contain some weight.


Be unique in your content, that is the reason you need to develop your thought process as mentioned above. Create your own content comprising of your own experiments.


When you begin writing the blog post, start with an overview regarding the topic you will be explaining. Make the overview short but include all the major points along with use of the content.


Nothing to do much in the content, it’s actually your wish to include this in the blog post or not. Write the major keywords/points relating to your post, so that your visitors come to know about your below content.

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Elaboration and Explanation:

Begin writing the actual content of your post. View the points you need to cover (written in the contents) and keep on explaining them. Elaborate the content as much as possible for better explanation to your visitors. You can check a great example of blog post here – magic submitter discounts. Keep the size you your content to 400+ words for better SEO.


Always be consistent while writing, stick to the topic you are writing and never fluctuate in your thoughts. Cover all the points on the topic you have chosen to write post.

Image For Reference:

 Images are very useful and attractive to include in your content. They provide a dynamic look to your quality content. Include content relative images, do not forget to add alt text to image with the keyword of your content. (Useful for SEO).

I’m very much interested in knowing what all tips you keep in mind while writing your blog post?

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