6 Best Android Selfie Apps


The trend of taking selfies is getting quite common nowadays. Here are the best 6 Android selfie apps that would make you look even more beautiful.

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1. FaceTune

By using this app, you can easily retouch your portrait as it lets you whiten your teeth, refine your jawline, fix grey hair and do a lot of other stuff. If you didn’t get the time to do any makeup, you don’t have to worry anymore. This app lets you beautify yourself by applying eyeshadow, lipstick, and other makeup. If you want to blur the background, you can use this app to put you in focus. There are a lot of other options available in this app, and you can purchase it from Google Play for just $4.

Best Android Selfie Apps
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2. Retrica

If you think Instagram offers the most filters then you must download Retrica from Google Play for free. It offers more than 100 different real-time filters. It also lets you make a collage of your selfies. The built-in-timer lets you strike your best pose for the selfie.

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3. Aviary

This cool app lets you apply many after-effects to your selfies. You can even purchase many different filters and other content. It lets you remove the unwanted blemishes making you look younger. You can also whiten your teeth or add captions to your selfies. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

4. Frontback

This amazing app lets you snatch a double selfie as it uses both the front and rear cameras together. It lets you show you, as well as what you are seeing in front of you. You can easily share the selfie on the social media after capturing the best portrait of yourself. This is also available for free from Google Play.

5. YouCam

You can now take a perfect selfie using the YouCam app. It helps you to remove your wrinkles, dry skin and other imperfections. You can also reshape your body parts like nose and eyes to make you look even more gorgeous. You can download YouCam from Google Play for free.

6. Perfect365

According to the US Weekly, Kim Kardashian sisters use this app in order to look more beautiful. This app lets you adjust the intensity of each effect by using a slider only. You can also choose from different celebrity-inspired templates in order to look more stunning. You can easily change your skin tone or enhance your lashes with this app. This amazing app can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

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