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Online Streaming

Best Free Movie and TV Streaming App for Android

The smartphone together with an internet connection is a great source of entertainment. You cannot get bored if you have these two combinations with you at the time of traveling or while waiting for...
Rip DVD to MP4

How to Rip DVD to MP4 On Windows & Mac OS

People still love to get the DVD version of their favorite music albums or movies. Also, the same digital media is available on the internet. However just in case if you want both of...
Reset Windows 7 Password

How to Reset Windows 7 Password: 3 Effective Techniques

Perhaps you might have forgotten your Windows 7 password and don't have any reset disk or installation CD. Fortunately, there is no need to reinstall the system which might result in data loss. In...
Data Integrity

What is Data Integrity? The Critical Facts You Need to Know

The threat of hacked passwords or a data breach are nightmares as a business owner. It will keep you up at night. It is essential to know precisely what is data integrity is to ensure your...
Damaged DVD

How to Backup a Damaged DVD For Free

The DVD drives still exist on the planet, so the uses of DVD. People still love to use DVDs to store music or video files. Also, there are DVDs available for a newly launched...
Best Entertainment Apps

6 Best Entertainment Apps for Android You Must Have

It’s true in life we need three things- entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.  Be it to pass time on a boring bus journey or be it an unending metro ride, we need our smartphone to keep...
Digital Banners

How To Market Your Business Like A Pro in 2017

Let’s face it - marketing is what makes or breaks a business. It’s not all that fair, but it’s how business works. The best and most innovative ideas ever aren’t anything more than products on...
Best 3D Printing apps for Android

7 Best 3D Printing apps for Android in 2017

Nowadays 3D technology is one of the popular technology. The 3D technology converts the virtual 3D model into real context. From last few months, many manufacturers managed to produces and release more numbers of...

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