Nowadays, we are hearing a lot about virtual reality on social media, news etc. Many manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Google, One Plus are coming up with new virtual reality devices commonly known as VR headsets. So let’s take a walk down to actually understand what it actually means.

Literally, Virtual means “nearly as described” and Reality means “what we actually experience”. Combining these two meaning, we can say that it is something related to reality emulsion. The video given below will help you understand more about VR :

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With the help of Virtual Reality you can experience the things or places that even actually don’t exists. It can be a believable computer created virtual 3D world that you can explore without actually being there but you feel that you are present there physically and mentally.

experience of Virtual Reality is Believable, Interactive, Explorable and Immersive.

Now let’s talk in brief about how it is implemented and what you need to experience it. The devices that are generally being popular these days are known as VR Headsets (head mounted display). Price range of these devices is expensive for advanced headsets(Oculus Rift) and cheap for a beginner level headset(Google Cardboard).

Is Virtual Reality available for Computers and Smartphones?

Actually this depends on the VR headset you want to buy. Some headsets are for computers and Gaming Controllers while others are for smartphones.

VR headset for computers (for example Oculus Rift) requires some specific minimum hardware requirements to run. It includes high end graphics card, processor, ram etc. while VR headset for smartphones just splits the screen in two halves and uses the sensors of the smartphones allows users to experience the virtual reality.

To make this experience more interesting, In virtual reality gaming users can play interactive games like first person shooting games with the help of VR accessories like gloves to control the movement in the game. Speaking of games you can find great deals by checking out m88 review regarding poker and betting games. Here is an image that you will find interesting:

Oculus Rift : Virtual Reality Headset with Gloves

For Smartphones there is a DIY kit of Google Cardboard (roughly around $15) to give VR a try. You can use the Google Cardboard app for the same. Mobile Manufacturers like Samsung (Gear VR), One Plus (Loop VR), Lenovo (Ant VR) are also coming up with their own VR headsets and apps. Some of them comes with a remote to control the interface of the device.

Virtual Reality: The Future

Since VR is a very amazing technology manufacturers and software vendors are now creating the inbuilt support for VR. For Example:

Google’s new Android N is coming up with the inbuilt feature called Daydream which is the new platform for VR and Microsoft is working on it’s VR platform called Hologram. It is said to have it’s own OS in the VR headsets.

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But this is just the beginning of the Virtual Reality, in the future there is much more to come and we will make sure to update you with the same.

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  1. Great explanation about VR. I loved it a lot. Day by day technology changes & becoming innovative and new things are coming in the market like VR.
    I am damn excited for the launch of the Google’s Android N. BTW superb article.

    Aakash patel


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