Hello Friends, Now I am here for tutorial on best free WordPress plugin for SEO which will give boost to traffic by various search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO : WordPress SEO By Yoast

WordPress SEO By Yoast

It is the best plugin which I use and ever I have used. This plugin will optimize SERP of your site in various search engines.

Some Of The Great Features I Have Found Are As Follows

Post Titles And Meta Description

This plugin allows you to set focus keyword and meta description to the specific post/page.

Robots.txt Configuration

It is another great feature of this plugin which allows you to control whether specific data should be indexed by search engines or not. If you turn ‘No Index’ for specific data that data will no longer indexed and available in search engines.


Breadcrumbs provides easy way to your visitors to navigate easily.

XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are the key for SEO. Sitemap takes note of all posts, tags, categories, authors, attachments etc. in a suitable manner so that they can be indexed by search engines.

RSS Feed Enhancements

This plugin allows you to optimize and enhance the RSS feed of your blog. This plugin has ability to show specific content both above and below in your RSS feed.

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Hello Friends, are you worried about your WordPress blog regarding its security. Then you are at right place. This tutorial will lead you to how to prevent your WordPress blog by simply installing a plugin and by adding anti-hacking firewall. So here is the best free WordPress security plugin.

Best Free WordPress Plugin for Security: All In One WP Security And Firewall

This plugin is especially one of my favorite plugin that I am using currently. This plugin provides an easy and versatile user interface for a normal user. It is very easy to configure it according to your need and the most important thing, it is available for free. You can also measure your site security by speedometer.

All In One WP Security And FirewallNow Let Us Talk About It’s Great Features

User Login Security

Includes various features like login lock down, login captcha, login white list, login records, force logout, logged in users, users activity etc. These features are invaluable because it will provide your site resistance against brute forcing attacks and many other hacking attacks.

Database Security

It includes replacement of WordPress default database prefix renaming and database backup management.

File System Security

It includes file permission scan and vulnerability, PHP editing, WordPress file access and host system logs. These features will help you on making file write restriction by public and it will play a major role in protecting your website.

Blacklist Manager

This option will add restriction to default set of users/IP address to access your website.


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Hello Friends, Now I am presenting my favorite and free WordPress statistics plugins that must be used if you are on WordPress platform.

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Statistics

1. Jetpack

Jetpack WordPress

Jetpack is one of the best plugin I use. It gives exact statistics of the WordPress blog. Not only statistics, it also gives the power of WordPress.com to a Self-Hosted blog. Some of the great features are listed below :

  • WP.me URL shortener(Automatically shortens URL to keep easy sharing)
  • WordPress.com email subscription
  • Social networking enabled comment system
  • WordPress.com likes
  • Automatic social posting to various social networks(Facebook,Twitter,Path etc.)
  • Adds ability to post via any email client.
  • WordPress.com mobile theme.
  • Notification toolbar of WordPress.com
  • Photon (Gives boost to your blog by loading images faster)

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2. WassUp Stats

The another statistics plugin I use is WassUp stats, but this plugin also takes record of the activity of spy visitors, crawlers, bots etc. which are viewing  your blog.

WassUp shows a lot of data from who is visiting your blog like:

  • ip / hostname
  • referrer
  • spider
  • search engines used (includes Google Images)
  • keywords
  • SERP (search engine result page)
  • operating system / language / browser
  • pages viewed (chronologically and per user session)
  • complete user agent
  • name of user logged in
  • name of comment’s author
  • top ten charts with aggregate data (top queries, requests, referrers, os, browsers)
  • graph for hits/pages/spam

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Many of the users still does not have a high speed internet connection at their home. They usually use other resources like cybercafe etc. to surf internet. Many of the users want to read post offline and want to download the post as PDF or any other readable format. So here I will introduce a plugin which will allow the users to Download PDF and print directly a post from our blog.

How To Allow Users To Print, Download And Email PDF Of Post

  1. Download and Install Print Friendly and PDF Button Plugin from WordPress repository.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Print Friendly and PDF in WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Adjust the settings as your need.
  4. Now at the end of the post the buttons will appear to Print and to Download the post.
  5. When the button is clicked a Pop up Light-box will show up, in which the user can select the desired text to print and remove the text/image that is not needed with a single click.

Update: There are also many more plugins available like W3 Total Cache, iThemes Security, Contact Form 7, Disqus Comment System, EWWW Image Optimizer, GoCodes etc.

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