We know that starting a Facebook Page is not that easy as it seems. Even though we have quality content, most of us struggle to get likes on their pages. Simply sharing our page on timeline don’t help. The way around it is that we can invite the people from our friend list to like our page.

There is invite button provided on a Facebook page through which we have to invite our friends one by one. However if you have a very large friend list then manually inviting all of them will consume lot’s of your time.

So in this post I am going to share a code which will help to invite all friends on Facebook Page in Single Click. This trick is very helpful in generating more Facebook likes for page from our friend circle. I have also created a video tutorial for it which is given below. You can also check out written tutorial below this video.

Steps to Invite All Friends on Facebook Page in Single Click

  1. Copy the code given below or open this link http://pastebin.com/XsRRhVPG.
  2. Go to Facebook Page where you want to add your friends. (Google Chrome Browser is recommended)
  3. Click Invite Friends and Scroll to the bottom of that list. (Use Page Down to Scroll Fast). This is very important step.
  4. Press F12 to open developer console.
  5. Paste code there and hit enter.
  6. Within few minutes all of your friends will be invited to that page.

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  1. Hi Mehul,

    Blogger must need a facebook page for their blog to promote post. To reach the post to others, we need some sort of audience, without readers we can’t get engaged and can’t get enough traffic. If we get traffic we can earn money. For that, we have to invite more friends to our page.

    It might be useful for the newbie bloggers to promote their blog.

    Thanks for share. Nice video tutor.


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