I have seen many blogs and websites which allows guest posting. Most of them are using WordPress platform. Many of them allows the guest posting via email but the post that is given in email has to be taken care by the site administrator and have to edit format, add images/alt text, SEO etc. To minimize this effort here is a way to make it very easy. Not also that but it will also allows the guest authors to post easily and more effectively to your blog. You can also allow various benefits and additional functionality for them.

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Best Guest Post Plugins For WordPress

Enable WordPress Registrations

Best Guest Post Plugins For WordPress

Login to you WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Settings -> General. Tick anyone can register. Change user default role to Contributor. Now new Guest authors can easily create an account on your blog and access add new post from your WordPress dashboard.


Best Guest Post Plugins For WordPressThis plugin will add the functionality of controlling the data that should be shown to the different users according to their specified roles i.e. Administrator, Editor, Contributor etc.

User Role Editor

Best Guest Post Plugins For WordPress

This plugin will enable you to limit the permission for different User Roles.


This plugin will display a Captcha in Login Area, Reset Password area and Registration area this will prohibit the bots from registering at your blog.

Fancier Author Box

Best Guest Post Plugins For WordPress

This will add a great looking author box in WordPress posts and pages along with the social profiles of the author.

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails

This will enhance the Submit for Review in WordPress. This plugin enables automatic e-mails to the relevant users at the different post status transitions: when posts are pending; when they are approved or scheduled; and when their statuses are changed from “pending” back to “draft”.

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Peter’s Post Notes

This plugin add a feature in edit posts section in the sidebar to add note for a specific post so that it can seen by the moderator to contributor or vice versa.


Best Guest Post Plugins For WordPress

The most common reason why bloggers who are using WordPress platform does not allows user registration is due to spammers. If you are managing a popular site it will be a headache to delete hundreds of spam post. So here is the solution for it. This plugin automatically scan for Spam Users and Ban them permanently. Also they cannot register again.

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