As we know that most the mobile users prefer 2G data in their android tablet or smartphone. It is very difficult to download apps especially larger one directly through play store via 2G Data plan. Many of them posses faster internet connection on their PC. Also Google Play Store does not inherit the availability to download apps directly to PC. So here in this post we will learn How To Download Android Apps From Google Play Store To PC.

How To Download Android Apps From Google Play Store To PC

  • Method 1 :- For downloading only 2-3 apps consecutively.(Faster Method)

  1. Open APK Downloader.
  2. Paste the URL of the application from Google Play Store and click generate download link.
  • Method 2 :- For downloading only unlimited apps simultaneously.(Preferred Method)

  1. Open APK Downloader Chrome Extension.
  2. Click Install Extension Now.
  3. Search and open any application in Google Play Store.
  4. Near bookmark icon click the APK downloader icon.
  5. You will find something like this.Download Android Apps From Google Play Store To PC
  6. Enter your email address and password.
  7. Now install Android Device ID app on your android device.
  8. Open Android Device ID and copy Google Service Framework Key and paste it in above form.
  9. Hit Sign in.
  10. Now you’re done. Open any application URL of play store and click the APK downloader icon near bookmark option.
  11. The app will start download to your PC.

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