As we know that comments are the necessary part of a blog. One can interact with others via comment on a blog. When someone comment’s on a blog asking something or giving feedback, Some things should be considered which we are going to discuss in this post.

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How To Engage Comments To Your Blog ? What are the Best Comment Plugins for WordPress?

  • First and very important thing. Choose your comment system wisely. What it really means? Comment system should neat and nice, should load quickly etc. Nowadays there are are lots of users who does not want to spent time in writing info in comment like Name, Email, Website etc. They just wanted to login through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. So you must use a comment system which allows the login via other networks. Some of the Good plugins are Jetpack, Disqus etc. Tech Arrival is using Jetpack Comments because it loads faster than others.
  • So how about to send a Thank You email when someone comments on your blog. So here is a simple and useful plugin named Thank Me Later which will send a desired Thank You email to the commenter after the specified time after comment is approved. You can also check out WordPress anti-spam plugin.Best Comment Plugins for WordPress
  • The other important thing about the commentors is That if they are asking a query or question via comment. They also expect the answer soon. For this they must have to check your blog regularly for checking whether it is answered or it. Checking everyday is very annoying. As a solution to this problem you must allow users to subscribe to comments so that they can be notified easily when someone comment on the same post. This can be done via various plugin but I am using Jetpack Subscriptions for this purpose.Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

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